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Feb. 16th, 2014

Happy Birthday!

I hope that you, failegaidin, and Dine had a great birthday! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

Jul. 13th, 2013

Happy Birthday l_ebbans!!!

Happy Birthday, l_ebbans!  I hope that the celebrations lasted all week.  :D  *hugs*

Jun. 29th, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, kazakov_m!  I hope that you had a good Wednesday and will party on all weekend!  :)

Jun. 15th, 2013

Happy Birthday, daytimetrauma!

Happy Birthday, daytimetrauma!  I hope it was a wonderful day and you can keep the party going all weekend!  :)

May. 14th, 2013

Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday failegaidin, hannah554, and zealous zoey!  There's no excuse, but I hope that your days were packed full of brightness and fun!  :)

Feb. 15th, 2013

Happy Birthday!

I hope you had an enjoyable birthday, failegaidin!

Nov. 8th, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Stuffy!  I hope you have a fun and fantastic day!

Nov. 4th, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, countryvscity,hypedupash, and beautyndisaster!  I hope you all had a exciting day!  :D  Accept this gift of a hot Carmine pic!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Hylen!  I hope that you had a fun day!  *huge hugs*

Aug. 30th, 2012

Happy Birthday, Madmush!

A Belated Happy Birthday, Madmush! I'm so sorry to everyone that these were late, there is no excuse. I hope that your day was filled with fun and laughter like it should have been. :)

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